Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition and Successful Ageing in Elderly Individuals


Fecha de publicación: December 2017


Autores: Tyrovolas S. Haro J.M., Foscolou A.Tyrovola D.Mariolis A.Bountziouka V.Piscopo S., Valacchi G.Anastasiou F.Gotsis E.Metallinos G.Papairakleous N.Polychronopoulos E.Matalas A.-L., Lionis C., Zeimbekis A., Tur J.-A., Sidossis L.S.

Background: The role of diet and inflammation in successful ageing is not transparent, and as such, is still being investigated. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the inflammatory potential of dietary habits in the successful ageing of a random sample of older adults living in the Mediterranean basin and who participated in the MEDIS (MEDiterranean ISlands) study. 


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