Association of school absence and exclusion with recorded neurodevelopmental disorders, mental disorders, or self-harm: a nationwide, retrospective, electronic cohort study of children and young people in Wales, UK

Lancet Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: 1 de enero de 2022


Autores: Prof Ann John, MD , Yasmin Friedmann, PhD, Marcos DelPozo-Banos, PhD, Aura Frizzati, PhD, Prof Tamsin Ford, PhD, Prof Anita Thapar, PhD

Background: Poor attendance at school, whether due to absenteeism or exclusion, leads to multiple social, educational, and lifelong socioeconomic disadvantages. We aimed to measure the association between a broad range of diagnosed neurodevelopmental and mental disorders and recorded self-harm by the age of 24 years and school attendance and exclusion.

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