Childbirth and prevention of bipolar disorder: an opportunity for change

Lancet Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: April 2019


Autores: Verinder Sharma, MBBS., Prof Veerle Bergink, MD., Prof Michael Berk, MD., Prof Prabha S Chandra, MD., Trine Munk-Olsen, PhD., Adele C Viguera, MD., et al

Background: The recent conceptualisation of bipolar disorder as a neuroprogressive illness has highlighted the potential importance of prevention and early intervention in high-risk populations. Undiagnosed bipolar disorder early in the disease course is associated with adverse clinical outcomes and impaired functioning for patients, which in turn has economic consequences. Despite the mounting evidence that childbirth is one of the most potent and specific triggers of manic symptoms, studies are not available on the effectiveness of targeted interventions in the prevention of bipolar disorder in women who have recently given birth.

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