Cortical neuronal densities and cerebral white matter demyelination in multiple sclerosis: a retrospective study

The Lancet Neurology

Fecha de publicación: 21 august 2018


Autores: Prof Bruce D Trapp, PhD., Megan Vignos, PhD., Jessica Dudman, BS., Ansi Chang, MD., Elizabeth Fisher, PhD., Susan M Staugaitis, PhD., Harsha Battapady, MD., Prof Sverre Mork, MD., Daniel Ontaneda, MD., Prof Stephen E Jones, MD., Prof Robert J Fox, MD., Jacqueline Chen, PhD., Kunio Nakamura, PhD., Prof Richard A Rudick, MD

Background: Demyelination of cerebral white matter is thought to drive neuronal degeneration and permanent neurological disability in individuals with multiple sclerosis. Findings from brain MRI studies, however, support the possibility that demyelination and neuronal degeneration can occur independently. We aimed to establish whether post-mortem brains from patients with multiple sclerosis show pathological evidence of cortical neuronal loss that is independent of cerebral white-matter demyelination.

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