Distinct and shared contributions of diagnosis and symptom domains to cognitive performance in severe mental illness in the Paisa population: a case-control study

Lancet Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: May 2020

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S2215-0366(20)30098-5

Autores: Susan K Service, MSc., Cristian Vargas Upegui, MD., Mauricio Castaño Ramírez, MD., Allison M Port, BS., Tyler M Moore, PhD., Marfred Munoz Umanes, MSc., et al.

Background: Severe mental illness diagnoses have overlapping symptomatology and shared genetic risk, motivating cross-diagnostic investigations of disease-relevant quantitative measures. We analysed relationships between neurocognitive performance, symptom domains, and diagnoses in a large sample of people with severe mental illness not ascertained for a specific diagnosis (cases), and people without mental illness (controls) from a single, homogeneous population.

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