Effects of Exercise Training on Handgrip Strength in Older Adults: A Meta-Analytical Review


Fecha de publicación: 9 September 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1159/000501203

Autores: Labott B.K., Bucht H., Morat M., Morat T., Donath L.

Background: Handgrip strength measurements are feasible with older adults and a reliable indicator for vitality, physical function, and several risk factors in the ageing process. Interventions with exercise training induce a variety of strength, balance, and endurance improvements. The pooled transfer effects of exercise training on handgrip strength has not been investigated to date. Thus, the objective of this meta-analytical review is to examine the effects of different exercise training on handgrip strength in healthy community-dwelling older adults of 60 years or older.

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