Effects of Indoor Footwear on Balance and Gait Patterns in Community-Dwelling Older Women

Gerontology 2017;63:129-136

Menz H.B.,  Auhl M., Munteanu S.E.



Footwear worn indoors is generally less supportive than outdoor footwear and may increase the risk of falls.


To evaluate balance ability and gait patterns in older women while wearing different styles of indoor footwear: a backless slipper and an enclosed slipper designed to optimise balance.


Older women (n = 30) aged 65-83 years (mean 74.4, SD 5.6) performed a series of laboratory tests of balance ability (postural sway, limits of stability, and tandem walking, measured with the NeuroCom® Balance Master) and gait patterns (walking speed, cadence, and step length, measured with the GAITRite® walkway) while wearing (1) socks, (2) backless slippers with a soft sole, and (3) enclosed slippers with a firm sole and Velcro® fastening. Perceptions of the footwear were also documented using a structured questionnaire.


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