Essential Work: Psychiatric Clinical Investigation in the Midst of a Pandemic

American Journal of Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: 1 Dec 2020


Autores: Roy H. Perlis, M.D., M.Sc.

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic dropped the curtain on clinical studies in psychiatry with unprecedented speed. Investigators already faced strong headwinds—a move away from drug discovery by big pharma, a shift in federal funding toward more basic neuroscience at the cost of clinical trials, emphasis on dimensional features of illness that conflict with traditional Food and Drug Administration indications, mounting challenges in study recruitment—even with the emergence of a breadth of new targets (1). Now, as clinical researchers contemplate a changed landscape, they have an opportunity to reconsider some basic tenets that have guided clinical investigation for decades. As with clinical practice, research involving human subjects in psychiatry need not and should not simply revert to past models. The following are among opportunities to ensure that efforts continue to develop, validate, and disseminate new interventions.

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