Factors Influencing Emergency Care by Persons With Dementia: Stakeholder Perceptions and Unmet Needs

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Fecha de publicación: 9 January 2019


Autores: Gwen Costa Jacobsohn PhD., Matthew Hollander PhD., Aaron P. Beck BA., Andrea Gilmore‐Bykovskyi PhD., Nicole Werner PhD., Manish N. Shah MD, MPH.

Background: People with dementia (PwD) frequently use emergency care services. To mitigate the disproportionately high rate of emergency care use by PwD, an understanding of contributing factors driving reliance on emergency care services and identification of feasible alternatives are needed. This study aimed to identify clinician, caregiver, and service providers’ views and experiences of unmet needs leading to emergency care use among community‐dwelling PwD and alternative ways of addressing these needs.

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