Gene–environment correlations and causal effects of childhood maltreatment on physical and mental health: a genetically informed approach

The Lancet Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: 1 de mayo de 2021

Autores: Varun Warrier, PhD , Alex S F Kwong, PhD , Mannan Luo, Msc , Shareefa Dalvie, PhD, Jazz Croft, PhD, Hannah M Sallis, PhD, Jessie Baldwin, PhD, Prof Marcus R Munafò, PhD, Prof Caroline M Nievergelt, PhD, Andrew J Grant, PhD, Stephen Burgess, PhD, Tyler M Moore, PhD, Ran Barzilay, MD, Prof Andrew McIntosh, MD, Prof Marinus H van IJzendoorn, PhD,Charlotte A M Cecil, PhD


Background: Childhood maltreatment is associated with poor mental and physical health. However, the mechanisms of gene–environment correlations and the potential causal effects of childhood maltreatment on health are unknown. Using genetics, we aimed to delineate the sources of gene–environment correlation for childhood maltreatment and the causal relationship between childhood maltreatment and health.

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