Identification of Common Neural Circuit Disruptions in Cognitive Control Across Psychiatric Disorders

The American Journal of Psychiatry
Volume 174, Issue 7, July 01, 2017, pp. 676-685
Lisa M. McTeague, Ph.D., Julia Huemer, M.D., David M. Carreon, M.D., Ying Jiang, M.D., Simon B. Eickhoff, Dr.Med., Amit Etkin, M.D., Ph.D.

Cognitive deficits are a common feature of psychiatric disorders. The authors investigated the nature of disruptions in neural circuitry underlying cognitive control capacities across psychiatric disorders through a transdiagnostic neuroimaging meta-analysis.

A PubMed search was conducted for whole-brain functional neuroimaging articles published through June 2015 that compared activation in patients with axis I disorders and matched healthy control participants during cognitive control tasks. Tasks that probed performance or conflict monitoring, response inhibition or selection, set shifting, verbal fluency, and recognition or working memory were included. Activation likelihood estimation meta-analyses were conducted on peak voxel coordinates.

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