Increasing cancer risk over calendar year in people with multiple sclerosis: a case–control study

Neurology Journal

Fecha de publicación: 21 de octubre de 2020


Autores: Chiara Zecca, Giulio Disanto, Rosaria Sacco, Sharon MacLachlan, Jens Kuhle, Sreeram V. Ramagopalan & Claudio Gobbi 

Background: Data on cancer prevalence and incidence in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are controversial. This study is aimed at estimating cancer risk in MS patients. Methods: Nested case–control study using data collected between 01/01/1987 and 28/02/2016 from the United Kingdom Clinical Practice Research Datalink. Cancer diagnoses after first MS code (index date) was counted in 10,204 MS patients and 39,448 controls matched by sex, age, general practitioner, and registration year. Cancer rates were compared using multivariable Cox regression models. Ethics approval was not required.

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