Increasing early ambulation disability in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage survivors

Neurology Journal

Fecha de publicación: June 2018


Autores: Yannick BéjotChristelle BlancBenoit DelpontPierre ThouantCécile ChazalonAnaïs DaumasGuy-Victor OssebyMarie Hervieu-BègueFrédéric RicolfiMaurice Giroud and Charlotte Cordonnier

Background: All patients with ICH between 1985 and 2011 were prospectively registered in a population-based registry in Dijon, France, and included in the study. Outcomes of ICH survivors were assessed at discharge from their stay in an acute care ward with the use of a 4-grade ambulation scale. Time trends in ambulation disability and place of discharge were analyzed in 3 periods (1985–1993, 1994–2002, and 2003–2011). Multivariable ordinal and logistic regression models were applied.

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