Intracranial pressure monitoring in patients with acute brain injury in the intensive care unit (SYNAPSE-ICU): an international, prospective observational cohort study

The Lancet Neurology

Fecha de publicación: Junio de 2021

Autores: Chiara Robba, MD , Francesca Graziano, PhD , Paola Rebora, PhD , Francesca Elli, PhD, Prof Carlo Giussani, MD, Prof Mauro Oddo, MD, Prof Geert Meyfroidt, MD, Prof Raimund Helbok, MD, Prof Fabio S Taccone, MD, Lara Prisco, MD, Prof Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, Prof Jose I Suarez, MD, Prof Nino Stocchetti, MD, Prof Giuseppe Citerio, MD 


Background: The indications for intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring in patients with acute brain injury and the effects of ICP on patients’ outcomes are uncertain. The aims of this study were to describe current ICP monitoring practises for patients with acute brain injury at centres around the world and to assess variations in indications for ICP monitoring and interventions, and their association with long-term patient outcomes.

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