Investigation of antihypertensive class, dementia, and cognitive decline

Neurology Journal

Fecha de publicación: 11 December 2019


Autores: View ORCID ProfileRuth Peters, Sevil Yasar, Craig S. Anderson, View ORCID ProfileShea Andrews, Riitta Antikainen, Hisatomi Arima, Nigel Beckett, View ORCID ProfileJoanne C. Beer, Anne Suzanne Bertens, Andrew Booth, Martin van Boxtel, et al.

Background: High blood pressure is one of the main modifiable risk factors for dementia. However, there is conflicting evidence regarding the best antihypertensive class for optimizing cognition. Our objective was to determine whether any particular antihypertensive class was associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline or dementia using comprehensive meta-analysis including reanalysis of original participant data.

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