Prevalence and Associated Factors of Sarcopenia and Frailty in Parkinson’s Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study


Fecha de publicación: 10 September 2018


Autores: Peball M., Mahlknecht P., Werkmann M., Marini K., Murr F., Herzmann H., Stockner H., de Marzi R., Heim B., Djamshidian A., Willeit P., Willeit J., Kiechl S., Valent D., Krismer F., Wenning G.K., Nocker M., Mair K., Poewe W., Seppi K

Background: Sarcopenia and frailty are found in up to one-third of the general elderly population. Both are associated with major adverse health outcomes such as nursing home placement, disability, decreased quality of life, and death. Data on the frequency of both syndromes in Parkinson’s disease (PD), however, are very limited.

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