Psychological Resilience as an Emergent Characteristic for Well-Being: A Pragmatic View


Fecha de publicación: August 12, 2020


Autores: Tay P.K.C., Lim K.K.

Background: Currently, there is no clear agreement on the definition and conceptualization for psychological resilience (PR) in old age. Adopting a pragmatic view, this article elucidates the definition and conceptualization of PR by (1) extracting existing PR concepts that are relevant to aging, and (2) elucidating the contributing and delimiting factors for developing and sustaining PR as guided by the biopsychosocial framework. In addition, a comprehensive review of the tools used to measure PR was conducted to examine how scholars have conceptualized PR. Consequently, the renewed understanding defines PR as an emergent construct which is malleable, enduring, and can be developed and sustained by a dynamic interplay of biological, psychological, spiritual, and social factors. Correlates in terms of physical and mental well-being in the context of aging are identified.

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