Psychopharmacological Treatment in the RAISE-ETP Study: Outcomes of a Manual and Computer Decision Support System Based Intervention

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: February 01, 2018,


Autores: Delbert G. Robinson, M.D., Nina R. Schooler, Ph.D., Christoph U. Correll, M.D., Majnu John, Ph.D., Benji T. Kurian, M.D., M.P.H., Patricia Marcy, B.S.N., Alexander L. Miller, M.D., Ronny Pipes, M.A., L.P.C.-S., Madhukar H. Trivedi, M.D., John M. Kane, M.D.

Background: The Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode–Early Treatment Program compared NAVIGATE, a comprehensive program for first-episode psychosis, to clinician-choice community care over 2 years. Quality of life and psychotic and depressive symptom outcomes were found to be better with NAVIGATE. Compared with previous comprehensive first-episode psychosis interventions, NAVIGATE medication treatment included unique elements of detailed first-episode-specific psychotropic medication guidelines and a computerized decision support system to facilitate shared decision making regarding prescriptions. 


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