Reward Processing in Depression: A Conceptual and Meta-Analytic Review Across fMRI and EEG Studies

American Journal of Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: 20 june 2018


Autores: Hanna Keren , Ph.D., Georgia O’Callaghan , Ph.D., Pablo Vidal-Ribas , M.Sc., George A. Buzzell , Ph.D., Melissa A. Brotman , Ph.D., Ellen Leibenluft , M.D., Pedro M. Pan , M.D., Ph.D, Liana Meffert , B.Sc., Ariela Kaiser , B.A., Selina Wolke , M.Sc., Daniel S. Pine , M.D., Argyris Stringaris , M.D., Ph.D.

Background: A role for aberrant reward processing in the pathogenesis of depression has long been proposed. However, no review has yet examined its role in depression by integrating conceptual and quantitative findings across functional MRI (fMRI) and EEG methodologies. The authors quantified these effects, with an emphasis on development.

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