The Survey for Memory, Attention, and Reaction Time (SMART): Development and Validation of a Brief Web-Based Measure of Cognition for Older Adults


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Autores: Dorociak K.E. · Mattek N. · Lee J. · Leese M.I. · Bouranis N. · Imtiaz D. · Doane B.M. · Bernstein J.P.K. · Kaye J.A. · Hughes A.M.

Background: Brief, Web-based, and self-administered cognitive assessments hold promise for early detection of cognitive decline in individuals at risk for dementia. The current study describes the design, implementation, and convergent validity of a fWeb-based cognitive assessment tool, the Survey for Memory, Attention, and Reaction Time (SMART), for older adults. Methods: A community-dwelling sample of older adults (n = 69) was included, classified as cognitively intact (n = 44) or diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI, n = 25). Participants completed the SMART at home using their computer, tablet, or other Internet-connected device. The SMART consists of 4 face-valid cognitive tasks available in the public domain assessing visual memory, attention/processing speed, and executive functioning. Participants also completed a battery of standardized neuropsychological tests, a cognitive screener, and a daily function questionnaire. Primary SMART outcome measures consisted of subtest completion time (CT); secondary meta-metrics included outcomes indirectly assessed or calculated within the SMART (e.g., click count, total CT, time to complete practice items, and time of day the test was completed). 

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