Which Factors Contribute to Frailty among the Oldest Old? Results of the Multicentre Prospective AgeCoDe and AgeQualiDe Study


Fecha de publicación: September 2020

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1159/000508723

Autores: Hajek A.· Brettschneider C.· Röhr S. · Gühne U.· van der Leeden C. · Lühmann D.· Mamone S. · Wiese B. · Weyerer S. · Werle J. · Fuchs A. · Pentzek M.· Weeg D. · Mösch E.· Heser K. · Wagner M.· Maier W.· Riedel-Heller S.G · Scherer M. · König H.-H.

Background: There is a lack of studies investigating the link between time-varying factors associated with changes in frailty scores in very old age longitudinally. This is important because the level of frailty is associated with subsequent morbidity and mortality. 

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