Post-partum psychosis and its association with bipolar disorder in the UK: a case-control study using polygenic risk scores

Lancet Psychiatry

Fecha de publicación: Diciembre de 2021

Autores: Arianna Di Florio, MD , Jessica Mei Kay Yang, MRes, Karen Crawford, MSc, Prof Veerle Bergink, MD, Ganna Leonenko, PhD, ,Antonio F Pardiñas, PhD, Prof Valentina Escott-Price, PhD, Katherine Gordon-Smith, PhD, Prof Michael J Owen, FRCPsych, Nick Craddock, FRCPsych, Prof Lisa Jones, PhD, Prof Michael O’Donovan, FRCPsych, Prof Ian Jones, MRCPsych


Background: For more than 150 years, controversy over the status of post-partum psychosis has hindered research and caused considerable confusion for clinicians and women, with potentially negative consequences. We aimed to explore the hypothesis that genetic vulnerability differs between women with first-onset post-partum psychosis and those with bipolar disorder more generally.

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